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Secret location

Saturday 17th June – 12:00-23:00 – open air villa party

Can you see a bus and two cars drawn in the bottom of the poster? That’s us, Closer and ‘seekers‘, already thinking of being on the way to the happy private gathering which we organize during the Sonar weekend in Barcelona. On the 17th of June at midday we will meet in the yard of an old and beautiful villa, where our friends from OFF The Record arrange perfect conditions for partying during the whole day and later possibly during the night : very good sounds systems, proper bar and foodcourt, and many other things you don’t need to bother about.

You can also see the names of ten great artists invited by Closer and ‘seekers‘ on the poster. What you can’t see is the energy and excitement that’s building up for this event : we are thinking of how to make the two dancefloors look, sound and feel as comfortable as possible, we are taking care of decorations, shades, and cooling systems. And with acts like Alex Picone, Ancut, E.lina & Annyrock, Ewan Jansen live, Miki, O’FourtyFour, Shakolin, S.O.N.S., and Timur Basha, you know you’re in for a treat.

Audio setup featuring :