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A Word From Us…

By now, anyone connected to club culture knows what takes place each year in Barcelona during the third week of June. 

Thousands of people land in the city to attend one of the most important festivals in the world, Sonar, and the hundreds of spin-off events that, over the course of the past 15 years, have been identified as “OFF” events (off-sonar, off week, etc etc). 

It is a week not just made for partying, but also where people involved in the electronic music world can network, promote their brands and evolve.

With our work at Small Black Dots as a vinyl distributor, record shop, and with our own experiences as clubbers and DJs, we are connected with hundreds of labels, artists, promoters and clubbers leaning towards a corner of the club culture which has different values and desires than the more “mainstream” side represented during the week of Sonar Festival.

Through many conversations with different players of this niche we understood that our sphere has the great opportunity to be be represented in this special week.

Because promoting music culture through a collaborative ethos is part of Small Black Dot’s spirit, the idea came to mind to pursue this further in by involving our labels and friends and inviting them to host a series of label showcases around some of the cities best sounding venues and locations.

This is how OFF THE RECORD was born as an unpretentious project to try to unify within the same circuit events run by likeminded labels, promoters and artists with a specific care given to not only to the art direction, but to something that we at Small Black Dots always prioritise: the way you listen to music played on vinyl. We are thankful that we are able to do this thanks to partnerships with likeminded high end sound equipment manufacturers dedicated to creating products for the best sonic experiences.

We’re beyond grateful to all the people involved from staff, artists, promoters and the clubbers for taking part in this project we hope will become an important asset in promoting our culture. 

Enjoy the music, the arts and the vibes!

Small Black Dots (Alex & Nick)